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Vedic & Yoga Retreat

Vedic and Yoga Retreat
Welcome to Vedic & Retreat, a place to enjoy the spiritual and yoga power on the river Ganga in a beautiful environs of Aloha on the Ganges, Rishikesh. We offer a complete Vedic & yoga experience, as well as tailor made packages for all individual needs. At Leisure Hotels, we have been focusing now on the Vedic life style which promotes health, awareness and we offer a stress free environment to practice yoga, experience the power of Ayurvedic medicine and be part of interesting philosophical and spiritual discourse.

Set Up
The experience that we intend to offer is simple and delightfully effective to combat the contemporary stressful lifestyle. We are including a Priest who resides in an Ashram and comes every morning and evening to worship the river Ganga during our Aarti ceremony. We also place a strong importance on Yoga and guided meditation and have a highly qualified Yoga Acharia to lead a twice daily yoga class either in our hall, or outside on the swimming pool overlooking the River Ganga.

Yoga Acharia, Ayurvedic Doctor, Ayurvedic Therapists, Vedic Priest, Astrologer, Satvik Chef - All of our practitioners are highly qualified and extremely learned.

Haridwar & Rishikesh are incredible holy towns in India. It is the last place where the river Ganga leaves the mountain to enter the Gangetic plains. The story goes that when the Demons and Gods churned the ocean, a pot of nectar was revealed. The Gods and Demons fought over the nectar and four drops fell from the pot. Haridwar is one of these lucky places where the nectar fell. The River Ganga is considered as nectar due to the amount of healing and beneficial properties she brings down for the Himalayas on her course through the great country of India. It is due to this nectar that the great Kumbh Mela Festival is held here in Haridwar every twelve years.

We have some amazing sites in the surrounding areas and would be very happy to arrange some extra activities for you or a group on request. We will provide English speaking tour guides and transport. Rajaji National Park, where you can see Tigers, Elephants, Bears and much more wildlife. We can arrange Temple tours & Trip to Rishikesh to view the river and Ashrams on the Ganga banks and hoard of Swamis and holy men in the area who are available to talk to.

Daily Structure
Ganga Worship With guided chats and prayer. Optional cleansing and awakening dip is encouraged.

Havan Ceremony
The traditional fire ceremonies where we worship the sun god, bless the male and female energies, acknowledge the five elements and chant the powerful Gayatri Mantra as the sun rises.

Guided by a Yoga Acharia and finished off with a guided meditation to absorb all the energy awakened through the morning's activities.

Satvik Breakfast
Satvik cooking is a method of food preparation which only uses non toxic, fresh food with subtle flavors and spices to really enhance digestion and health.

Theoretical Class
Topics revolving round the Darshans or one of the Indian schools of though.

Satvik Lunch
Satvik cooking is a method of food preparation which only uses non toxic, fresh food with subtle flavors and spices to really enhance digestion and health.

Karmic Yoga
This is a time to give. Either in the form of helping to arrange for the evening prayers, do the washing up, sweeping the hall or coordinating the days bank clean up. Karmic yoga is a powerful tool for selfless giving and has benefits not only to your surrounding but also to your inner self.

Rest-free time
This is the time in the day where you can go in to the town of Haridwar, take a walk along the river Ganga and view all the beautiful hermitages dotted along the banks, or just take some time to self reflect and relax.

4.30 Chai, Evening Tea

4.45-5.45 Evening Yoga
The evening class is a more relaxed and grounding session, again guided by our Yoga Acharia.

6.00 Evening Aarti
The ceremony offering of light to the River Ganga.

6.15-7.00 Evening Discourses.
At Vedic Retreat we are highly determined to promote environmental conservation of our beautiful Indian rivers. Both the Ganga and Yamuna River are highly revered and hugely spiritual in our culture, but we must promote awareness of conservation techniques. This is the time in the day where we would like to join our minds and voices together to try and come up with solutions to water conservation and better living. This will be an interesting and interactive time for joint group discourse.

Again Satvik food will be prepared. This is a healthy and delicious way of cooking, full of health benefits. All of our meals are fresh and made daily on site.

Meticulous planning, emphasis on every little possible detail will give you a hassle-free tour with us. We are very sure that once you have discovered the unusual advantages of Leisure Hotels, you will never want to take a trip any other way again. We believe in turning the dreams into reality 1. Major and must-see sights along with ample of leisure time to explore on your own
2. Team comprises of local experts - who extensively know the terrain
3. Campsite/resorts/hotels are selected with extra care, so that you can relax comfortably in clean and beautiful environment
4. More than 24 years of experience in showing traveler the selected destination
5. 98% of satisfaction ratio on our guest's post-vacation survey

Please note small changes in itineraries may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. However modification, if any, will be made in the best interests of the group or individual and you will be fully informed of any changes.

Group Size
Normally our groups will vary from 10 to 30 participants. The minimum number of persons required to operate a tour is mentioned under the itineraries. However, in certain circumstances, depending on the tour, we will operate at less than the minimum number in order to avoid disappointment to our guests.

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