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Yoga & Ayurveda

Ayurvedic Therapy
Each patient attends a consultation with the Ayurveda physician to assess their current state of health and what course of treatment, if any, is to be adopted. There are three specific directions which are followed in deciding the course of treatment: Dosha (body energy), Dhatu (body tissue), and Mala (excretory products); and treatments are in two directions: Shodan (cleansing) and Shaman (balancing). Some treatments are prescribed for a specific reason, but others are given as a tailor-made sequence or programme of approach to the ailment.
Not least, Ayurveda treats the 21st century problems such as removing the toxic effects of our lifestyle, food, medicines and environment. In addition to the above, it is specifically for young couples with problems of infertility and helping to assure best progeny, which means a healthy and intelligent baby while enjoying a happy sexual life.
Ayurvedic Panchakarma courses are offered for the duration of a week, or two weeks or 3 or four weeks.. This course covers a number of Ayurvedic therapies, Yoga and special diet as per requirement. The course begins after the medical consultation by a Ayurvedic doctor, according the condition of patient's body. The course involves internal lubrication which is carried out to detach the body by any one or a combination of the following procedures.

1. Vaman (i.e. therapeutic vomiting)
2. Virechan (i.e. therapeutic purgation)
3. Nasya (nasal administration)
4. Basti (enema)
5. Rakthamaleshan (therapeutic bloodsucking by leeches)

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