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Spiritual Discourses

Spiritual Retreat in Rishikesh/Haridwar & Glimpses of Himalaya
Each soul is potentially divine. It is the purpose of our lives to manifest this divinity - Swami Vivekananda (India's leading spiritual reformers of the late 20th century)

Swami Vivekananda was referring to the philosophy of Vedanta, the bedrock of Yoga and Spirituality in India. These scriptures deal with the essential questions that all of us face at some stage in our lives: What is about the purpose of my life? Who am I? What is the cause of my unhappiness? How can I be at peace in this world?

The answer to any question we seek can be found in within ourselves. The answer lies in our ability to tap into an inner silence - a silence that can be experienced through the processes of Yoga and Meditation. When we are in this silence, our mind is clear, and we will see the world for it is- an unbroken stream of pure consciousness. This Journey of Self Discovery is what is referred to as Yoga - which is a gamut of spiritual processes that harness and purify our mind/body system and allow us to look within ourselves. Yoga processes positively affect the physical, physiological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual facets of our personality. During the Retreat, we will follow the principles of Yoga as our formal training and will also learn from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - the codified philosophy that is a must for all who are interested in or are practicing yoga.

We all are going through our own personal journeys and needs to work through those issues which might be holding us back from evolving into our true self and inner peace and harmony. Sometimes we encounter negative situations or moments in our lives and get stuck with all this piled up negative energy which dis-empowers us and creates barriers to be truly happy, healthy and living a peaceful life.

There might be a thought coming to you, is it the one for me, why should i consider this retreat for me, so here are few questions you can ask to yourself and If anything feels familiar, then it's for you:
1. Feeling stuck in past.
2. Confused and doubtful.
3. Insecure and emotionally clogged.
4. Fearful, lack of confidence.
5. Scared of judgments and you being judgmental.
6. Unclear thoughts.
7. Feeling low in energy and depressed.

This Retreat will enable you to bring all the needed understanding and empower you to grow out of all that unhealthy energy in your own personal healing space We will be bringing in various healing therapies like reiki, crystals, various meditations, some breath work and spiritual counseling etc.

This is what you can come out with after this retreat:
1. Clarity of mind.
2. Freedom from all fears and insecurities.
3. Emotional balance and intelligence.
4. An awakened Heart, Mind and Soul.
5. Happy, healthy and harmonious relationships
6. Freedom from negative thoughts.
7. A healthy confident, radiant and empowered self.

Meticulous planning, emphasis on every little possible detail will give you a hassle-free tour with us. We are very sure that once you have discovered the unusual advantages of Leisure Hotels, you will never want to take a trip any other way again. We believe in turning the dreams into reality
1. Major and must-see sights along with ample of leisure time to explore on your own
2. Team comprises of local experts - who extensively know the terrain
3. Campsite/resorts/hotels are selected with extra care, so that you can relax comfortably in clean and beautiful environment
4. More than 24 years of experience in showing traveler the selected destination
5. 98% of satisfaction ratio on our guest's post-vacation survey

Please note small changes in itineraries may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. However modification, if any, will be made in the best interests of the group or individual and you will be fully informed of any changes.

Group Size
Normally our groups will vary from 10 to 30 participants. The minimum number of persons required to operate a tour is mentioned under the itineraries. However, in certain circumstances, depending on the tour, we will operate at less than the minimum number in order to avoid disappointment to our guests.

Make sure you bring any personal medications that you may need. Bring enough to cover yourself for the whole trip. We recommend immunizations against Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Tetanus. Please consult your doctor for more information. A basic first-aid kit is provided at the resort.

List of things to carry will be sent to you once you book with us. However, in general you should bring a set of semi-camouflaged trousers/shirts/jackets. Jeans with brown or green shirts are a good combination. Bright colors scare off birds and animals, and in certain cases provoke them! Usually during the day it is pleasantly warm and a shirt and possibly sweater are adequate. However, nights can be quite cold requiring a sweater and jacket. Requirements will vary depending on where you are staying and which tour you are taking part in. You should bring one or two pairs of strong walking shoes, especially for trekking

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